There’s a saying in Denmark that goes - Du kan aldrig krydse oceanet uden at have modet til at tabe kysten af syne - You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Baime have been adrift for many years searching the horizons for any speck of land. You see, both Mikael Melander and Jens Christian Nørgaard can’t swim, so even being in a boat was a stupid idea in the first place!

They set off with hopes and aspirations of superstardom exploring melodic techno with a twist of the old school and a pinch of acid, drawn together by mystical forces. Mikael and Jens have an impressive history together. Already a seasoned DJ, Mikael was part of IG60 and the CPH Deep collectives when he joined Jens’ Blindfold Recordings, and as the guys realised how well they worked together, Jens became part of the party collectives too. “I wonder now, what dry land looks like.” Mikael says, poignantly, “I feel like an extra from
Waterworld that never got a paycheck and told to go home.”

Good friends of Danish musical royalty, Rune Kolsch has done nothing to progress their career, in fact, they barely even ring him in spite of the restraining order anymore. “I do miss those days,” Jens laments, “I’d nearly finished my university degree and Mikael was deep
into his DJing. We’d party every weekend until Monday came around. Simple times. Fun times...” tailing off, he throws his last eurodance CD on to the makeshift fire they have in the boats hull and huddle around it for warmth.

"We have always had crazy ambitions and dreams with our music, but it has always been important to us that it should be fun: passion is most important. Mixing your hobby and work can be a dangerous combination, but so far, we have managed to keep the joy of what we do intact.”

Early in their careers, Baime realised the power a raw, unpolished sound can create and set about distancing themselves from the soulless indifference still filling the charts of online retail stores the world over; reaching the Beatport Top 20 deep house charts with their debut release - The Damned. “In Copenhagen, there is a club called KB18.” Mikael says, “It’s the place where people from the meatpacking district run amok after the rest of the city closes. We are The Damned.” Describing their style as melodic and melancholy, Baime are rule breakers and hip shakers who preach a different gospel and their congregation grows with each sonic incarnation.

Their “melodic techno without the nineties nosebleed” has won them high profile sets at a number of European destinations including Kappa Futur, Roskilde, SK, Mono Fono, Culture Box and a number of underground parties across Denmark alongside luminary peers such
as Sebastian Leger, Hunter/Game and George Fitzgerald. Their live show marries their love of hardware and the intensity of live performance moving effortlessly between the low slung growl of the Moog Sub 37 and the arm-raising arpeggiated synth hooks of the Voyager. In their purest form, Baime are two guys high on the music waiting to crash land on the shores of your subconscious.

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark